OCEAN CHALLENGER has awarded the Management Agreement to POSH for Semi-submersible Crane vessel namely CIMC Gretha

Date:2019-09-09 19:26:16

CHINA, AUGUST 2019–Ocean Challenger, the asset management company and Offshore marine services provider PACC Offshore Services Holdings Ltd. (“POSH”) have entered into a ship management agreement for semi-submersible crane vessel (SSCV) CIMC Gretha, as part of a strategic partnership. 

The agreement for CIMC Gretha has POSH taking over ship management duties for the vessel from July 2019. This is in line with the goals of the strategic partnership between Ocean Challenger and POSH to leverage their respective strengths in offshore marine operations as well as shipbuilding and engineering to jointly cater to a wider portfolio of clients. 

CIMC Gretha equipped with DP3 dynamic positioning system, the cutting-edge CIMC Gretha SSCV has two 1,800-tonne cranes offering heavy lift capacity with offshore accommodation facilities configured for up to 608 persons on board. This makes the SSCV suitable for deployment even in harsh conditions. The design of CIMC Gretha has 100% intellectual property of CIMC Raffles. It has truly realized a leap from "purchasing technology" to independent design in the field of design and construction in China.

POSH is a leading offshore marine services provider with an established track record for executing complex offshore energy projects, and brings to the partnership over 60 years of specialised offshore marine expertise.  

Ocean Challenger, the offshore assets management company of CIMC group and CIMC Raffles, in charge of management of  the group offshore assets.

Mr Ulva Chai, Director of Offshore Accommodation, POSH, said, “The addition of CIMC Gretha enhances POSH’s portfolio to provide our clients with diversified service offerings. With the semi-submersible accommodation vessel space becoming more competitive, CIMC Gretha broadens our offshore accommodation capabilities to also include decommissioning and heavy construction activities. We look forward to even more opportunities to work with CIMC in providing services to a wider range of customers.” 

Mr Yu Jianhui , General manager, Ocean Challenger, said, “As a leading offshore equipment and contract services provider, we look to work with strong partners to grow together globally. We are fully confident of POSH’s track record of operational excellence and safety and look forward to the partnership of CIMC Gretha. This will be just the first step as we continue exploring further collaborations in our strategic partnership.”