“Gulf Driller IV”Jack-up Rig Showcasing Excellent Performance in Bohai Bay

Date:2020-01-02 17:57:15

We are proud and excited to announce that Gulf Driller IV” has been operating efficiently in Pengbo, Bohai Bay, over the last two months and has executed well for the service contract signed between CIMC RAFFLES and COSL. During this period, the project had progressed smoothly and was not affected by typhoon nor any other adverse weather conditions. Meanwhile, the project was well managed and had achieved optimum operation efficiency.


Gulf Driller IV” received the leasing intention on mid of September 2019,  and since then, the project team from CIMC RAFFLES and OCEAN CHALLENGER had promptly started the pre-operation preparation works, achieved contract signing, obtained the delivery certification and had mobilized the rig successfully. The rig was completed at a tight schedule of around 40 days and had set sail to Pengbo, Bohai Bay, on 30th October 2019. CIMC RAFFLES and OCEAN CHALLENGER had worked in close cooperation with COSL to provide world class services and quality assurance to the smooth delivery of “Gulf Driller IV”.

During the stage of operation, COSL had recognized Gulf Driller IV” for its quality and excellent performance. It is a major milestone and a proud moment for the project team of CIMC RAFFLES and OCEAN CHALLENGER. COSL had thanked and congratulated the project team for the job well done. The excellent performance of “Gulf Driller IV” has once again demonstrated the capability of CIMC RAFFLES at constructing any high-end offshore equipment. CIMC RAFFLES and OCEAN CHALLENGER had also proven their efficiency and capability at executing a fast paced and high-quality project. CIMC RAFFLES and OCEAN CHALLENGER will definitely contribute to the development of Bohai Bay with COSL. Safety, Efficiency and Conservations of the Environment are our top priority and ultimate goals which we shall put in our utmost effort to achieve them.