OC commends excellent subcontractor of Year 2016

Date:2017-03-08 15:48:05

OC Pepel-H190 30000dwt self unloading bulk carrier managed by OC achieved operation contract, performed ore trans-ship for Shan Steel group at Pepel Port of Sierra Leone at 2016, which is the first time for OC to do self-owned assets wet leasing operation , also is the first time to enter into transshipment  business ,which is a new exploration and breakthrough in the asset management mode.


According to the situation of the project, OC organize internal and external resources actively, completed the establishment of the project organization structure efficiently and the subcontractors selection, with the fastest time to take over the vessel and long-distance mobilization, at the support of all departments and the joint efforts of OC and its subcontractors, project is running smoothly now.


On September 25, OC Pepel arrived at Sierra Leone and start to carry out transshipment works, by the end of  year 2016, OC Pepel completed  total 24 voyages, its  discharge rate increased to 1500tons/h from 650 tons/hour, and totally transshipped  615,000 tons iron ore .OC Pepel has become main forceof the transshipment  operation for Shandong Steel, and win the recognition and praise from charterer and the end user 。


Since entering the transshipment business, OC and ship management subcontractors worked  together to improve efficiency, reduce cost, and strengthen comprehensive management of Safety, budget, procurement,crew,etc. At the same time, establish a win-win partnership with outsourcing services partners to accomplish smooth running of the project.

In view of this, OC decides  to give stimulation  to the advanced employees from subcontractors. Through recommendation and evaluation , Mr Yang Fei from ship management company-MCL and Mr Chung-ming Wang from crew management company INMARSCO won Excellent Subcontractor Employee of Year 2016.


OC will continuously adopt  E331 and ONE philosophy and system to enhance the management of the project and achieve the development of OC and its partners and strive for greater breakthrough in 2017.