H190(MV OC Pepel)Continues to practice ONE in Europe

Date:2017-11-22 12:11:50

In September, H190 (MV OC Pepel), had been refurbished in Polish shipyard, began to implement a new T/C contract which carries limestone, olivine, iron ore and other goods for the Northern European construction materials supplier.


Emails have been received from the charterer after delivery, complain crew did not fully perform their instruction, additional time and tug boat had been used during berthing and unberthing and etc. The lines are filled with suspicion and mistrust of Chinese ship-owner and ship management company. In the face of unprecedented pressure, the OC team immediately organized the ship management company to discuss the causes of the problem in the spirit of “Solving the problem is creating wealth” and quickly developing countermeasures according to the reasons, such as: Due to language differences, some of the crew members did not fully understand the requirements and contents of the instruction. Then sent translated Chinese-English instruction to all crew members. Since the senior crew did not familiar with European routes and ports. Then appointed a new master who had previously worked for the charterer via local crew companies.  In the shortest time, the ship's operation performance had been improved into the acceptable status, which can meet the requirements of the charterer’s.


 On this basis, the OC people and the charterer representative boarding in the north German port of Mukran together on October 16. Through the check list and collect opinion made the list for existing problems. Request the ship and crew company classifying problem and determine the corrective actions and closing time. Supervise the rectification progress through photographs ever since. In order to further improve the ability of ship operation in Europe, the ship management company chooses rich work experience European crew in advance according to the actual demand partial replacement on the ship.

Through the OC, ship management company and the crew unremitting efforts to finally get the recognition of the charterer. The tenant E-mail replys: That being said we are happy to see that the Owners and Operators are definitely taking the task to bring mv OC PEPEL back in a good working state very seriously. We feel that the operators in China are backing us up in a good manner”,The OC and the whole operation team get highly evaluation for the attitude to find problems and solve the problems. OC and the whole operations team will continue to practice ONE, "to that end, continuous improvement", continuously improve the ability of ship operation management, provide more reliable and high quality services to the charterer.


Pingshun 01 arrived in the port of destination successfully

"Yuan Chen "tug towed" Pingshun 01 " sailing on September 28, 2017 in Abu Dhabi, after 45 days sailing, on November 11, 2017 12:10 berthing in Abu Dhabi new free port. It is expected to discharge for 20 days and return in early December.

The one-way distance is 5600 nautical miles, equivalent to drive from Beijing to Kunming twice. In the face of the vast sea, the transportation tasks of fleet fearless deep sea waves, grasped the nettle and no slack, completed the entire 0 good navigation safety accidents records.