Win-win Cooperation to Achieve the Mission -Rapid Assistance Under the Epidemic Period

Date:2020-04-02 17:16:31

The aggressive Novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak had a great impact on the overseas projects of CIMC Raffles. The Asset Operation Management Center of CIMC Raffles worked together with all relevant departments to ensure the smooth and normal operation of the project, and fully demonstrated the “speed of CIMC Raffles” during the outbreak.


On the evening of Saturday, March 28, we received the notice from "DEEPSEA YANTAI": the appropriate spare part is urgently needed for the operation, whereas Europe is currently in the epidemic period, and resources are short on all sides. The management company conducted the global search for resources, while sending a request for emergency support from CIMC Raffles.


The Asset Operation and Management Center immediately reported to the leader of CIMC Raffles for instructions and the leader quickly provided guidance, requested everyone to brainstorm and work together to solve the problem as quickly as possible.


All relevant departments made quick response, utilized the available resources, and held the coordination committee urgently at 19:30 that night. The Asset Operation and Management Center, Yantai base, project team and the Supply Chain Management Center all actively contributed ideas, finally determined that to mobilize existing resources and airlifted the spare part to Norway urgently.


The Supply Chain Management Center communicated with the external support resources urgently, and sent the engineers to Yantai overnight in such case of the shortage of professional personnel. The General Management Office arranged the support plan to ensure the control of the external personnel during the epidemic period. The project team and Yantai base arranged the personnel to discuss the next working plan at 6 am on March 29. The Supply Chain Management Center arranged a number of logistics programs, overcame the impact of epidemic, while coordinating to Norway's earliest air cargo space.


At 4 pm, after the confirmation with the Norwegian management company, the spare part was airlifted smoothly. The Norwegian partners expressed their appreciation and gratitude for the "20-hour anti-epidemic express ". The anti-epidemic express is not only a challenge but also an experience. CIMC Raffles solve the problem timely within the limited time, which fully demonstrated the “speed of CIMC Raffles” during the outbreak.