CIMC Gretha Successfully Completed 5-Year Overhaul Work

Date:2020-07-03 15:35:31

Over the past few months, CIMC Gretha has successfully completed the overhaul of six TH5000ML 3800KW in Curaçao with the joint efforts from Owner, Ocean Challenger Pte. Ltd. ("OC") and Manager, Ocean CPACC Offshore Services Holdings Ltd. (“POSH”).

As the owner of CIMC Gretha, we want to extend our special gratitude to the supervision and support team of more than 20 experts from industry partners to conduct this ever-challenging work under unprecedented circumstances of CV-19 pandemic, lockdowns and movement restrictions. Thanks to the expertise of CIMC Raffles, Subsea Global Solutions Caribbean N.V. and Stone Marine UK, it was completed on time and with no safety incident.

Following the successful overhaul of the biggest thrusters, CIMC Gretha is now ready and available to provide diversified service offerings including offshore accommodation capabilities as well as decommissioning and heavy construction activities. Equipped with DP3 dynamic positioning system, clear deck space of 2900m2, CIMC Gretha has two 1,800-tonne Offshore Mast Cranes offering heavy lift capacity and offshore accommodation facilities configured for up to 618 persons onboard.