CIMC Gretha Starts Her Way back Home

Date:2020-11-18 12:28:07

CIMC Gretha, the semi-submersible platform managed by CIMC Raffles Asset Management Company, set sail from Curacao to Yantai, China on November 1, 2020. After the platform arrives at home, it will perform new tasks such as offshore installation services.

CIMC Gretha is 137.75m in length, 81m in width, 39m in depth and 8 knots in speed. She is self-propelled and equipped with DP-3 dynamic positioning system, classified as ABS with Marshall flag. Equipped with two 1800 tons Huisman cranes and the main deck area is 2000 square meter, making her well qualified for oilfield service, accommodation support, large module lifting and wind power installation. CIMC Gretha has been operating in Brazil's deep water oilfield for 5 years from 2013 to 2018.

CIMC Gretha is currently taking her way across the Atlantic Ocean and heading to the East. Wish her a smooth journey back to Yantai, China.