CIMC’s OOS Tiradentes Contract Award from Petrobras

Date:2022-07-18 11:34:01

CIMC and OOS International have been awarded a 4-year contract by Petróleo Brasileiro SA (‘Petrobras’) for the provision of the OOS Tiradentes,a semi-submersible accommodation vessel, to provide safety and maintenance supports offshore of Brazil from April 2023 onwards. This 4 years contract award is the following on of two long-term contracts previously awarded by Petrobras in 2018 and 2019 upon the recognition of the excellent services provided by OOS Tirandentes which is managed by Ocean Challenger, an asset management company under CIMC, with its technical manager OOS International, an offshore service provider for ship management.

OOS Tiradentes, designed and built by CMC Raffles in 2018, is a high specification semi-submersible accommodation vessel with DP3 which can accommodate 600 people with extensive recreation facilities such as outdoor basketball courts, gyms, cinemas, etc. Named after Brazil's famous independent hero, this vessel has been serving Petrobras since 2018 and has been highly praised for its efficiency and stable performance.

CIMC Raffles and Ocean Challenger, the leading companies under CIMC Group specializing in offshore equipment manufacturing and asset management respectively, will continue with the pursuit of innovation and transformation to provide one-stop solutions for design, construction and asset management for global customers and partners.