The Drilling Unit is primarily designed for riserless operation utilizing known and field proven technology. The vessel is also equipped for performing light well intervention work, riserless well completion, P&A, Wet Tow and subsea construction work in both shallow and deep water. In addition the vessel is prepared for installation of riser tensioning system enabling the vessel to perform slender well drilling and well intervention with riser.

Brief Specification

Main Particulars

Length Overall:156.6m
Depth to Main Deck:11.5m
Max. Draft Amidships:8.45m
Scantling Draught:8.55m
Work Deck:2280m2


Main engines:4 x B32 40L9ACD; 2 x B32 40L6ACD, total not less than 22,000kW
Main Generators:2 x generator sets, 2735 ekW at 720 RPM; 4 x generator set, 4145 ekW at 720 RPM
Propulsions:2 x min. 3500 kW
Tunnel Thrusters:2 in the fore ship, min. 1500 kW; 1 in the aft ship, min. 880 kW
Azimuth Thrusters:2 in the fore ship, min.1500 kW

Drilling package

Hook Loads:681mt
Drawworks Winch Load:377 Tons @ 40 m/min
Top drive:681mt
Mud pumps:3 x 1180 kW (1600 HP), 345 bar (5000 psi)(present ); 517 bar (7500 psi) (changing pump module)