BT150 super shallow water jack-up drilling rig is a three-leg self-elevating cantilever type drilling platform developed by CIMC Offshore Engineering Institute Ltd. The modified triangular hull is 68.8 meters long, 67.5 meters wide and 5.5m deep, the total leg length, including the spud can, is 75meters. The unit is designed for operating in water depths 2.5m up to 45meters (147.6ft).The maximum drilling depth is 5000m.

The rig has a total accommodation of 110 persons. Two (2) cranes are arranged on the Port and Starboard on main deck.

Brief Specification

Main Particulars

Main Deck Length:68.8m
Main Deck Width:67.5m
Hull Depth:5.5m
Max Draft:2.4m
No. of legs:3
Water Depth:2.2m-45m
Drilling Depth:5000m


Main engines:4x1530ekW

Drilling package

Derrick Size:9.144mx9.144m
Hook Loads:450mt
Top drive:450mt
Mud pumps:2x1,600hp